Mastermind Studios is both a production company for television and film as well as the only film studio in British Columbia north of the lower mainland. It is located in Kamloops specializing in documentary style productions. The company has focused since 2010 on subject matter that impacts residents in the Thompson-Nicola region of BC; particularly topics surrounding community, healthcare, and vulnerable / marginalized populations (including elders, hospice patients, indigenous persons, those who identify as LGBTQ2S+, the homeless and children and youth in need of advocacy).

Peter Cameron-Inglis,
Executive Producer, Director and CEO of Mastermind Studios

Peter has been an advocate and active community supporter in Kamloops for more than 25 years. For just as long he has served and supported many not-for-profit Board of Directors and business associations including the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, the Kamloops Venture Advisors, the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation and ASK Wellness Society. Peter is no stranger to the impacts of the opioid pandemic. For more than half of his life he has waged his own personal battle with Crohn’s Disease. Peter has undergone many resection and ostomy surgeries while struggling with the addictive nature of opioids for pain and pain management.

AIMCanada Mentorship Society began as a nonprofit in 2012 to increase awareness and build a culture of career mentorship for university students and graduates in Canada. Through its programs and services graduates have gained valuable experience, knowledge and mentorship through AIMCanada Mentorship Society’s community business and not-for-profit agency partners and volunteers. Now, in partnership with Mastermind Studios, AIMCanada will be expanding its mentorship and organizational role to the entire community of Kamloops as we work on Finding A Way Forward to address the opioid crisis in our community.

Dawn Koch,
Founder of AIMCanada Mentorship Society

Dawn has been a Career Counsellor for over 30 years. Dawn has spent much of her consulting life working with individuals facing career change and career crisis situations including job termination, burn-out, and medical or mental health adversity. Her desire in founding AIMCanada Mentorship Society is to share the benefits of Mentorship in building community and regional economies.

She has been a Medical Technologist, Instructor and the Regional Laboratory Coordinator at Royal Inland Hospital until 1986 when she started her consulting practice and began serving for over a decade as an elected School Trustee and member of the Board of Directors for TNC United Way