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Crisis Storm is an in-depth podcast series to better understand the many crises facing communities which collectively have become a Crisis Storm, including Homelessness, Mental Health, Addictions, Drug Overdose, Crime, Polarization, Healthcare, Economic Challenges, Business Impacts, and Communication Breakdown.

The Crisis Storm Podcast is created and produced by Mastermind Studios in Association with AIMCanada Mentorship Society as the beginning research stage of the Finding A Way Forward Documentary Film Series.

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Season 2: Episode 12 – Nikki Lussier on the four-legged hunger and homelessness crisis.

We often forget about the urgent crisis of hunger & homelessness for our 4-legged friends. Explore this crisis reality for another vulnerable population with Nikki Lussier from Four Paws Food Bank Foundation.

Season 2: Episode 6 – Eps 11 overall – Tara Ettinger and Dr. Shelly Dean on the hidden crisis of child abuse

We reveal the hidden truth about the crisis of child abuse affecting 1 in 3 children in our communities, with Tara Ettinger from Big Bear CYAC and Dr. Shelly Dean from the Centre for Response Based Practice.

Season 2: Episode 5 – Eps 10 overall – Colin O’Leary talks about a possible solution to crisis in affordable housing

That solution is called a Community Land Trust and it’s winning awards globally but is largely overlooked in Canada. Colin O’Leary is the CEO of O’Leary and Associates in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Season 2: Episode 4 – Eps 9 overall – Michael Koehn on Pain Mismanagement: A Gateway To Addictions?

Michael Koehn, a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Medical Researcher and the Founder of the Cannsolve Clinic in Kamloops shares his thoughts about the Crisis Storm of addictions and mental health.

Season 2: Episode 3 – Eps 8 overall – Are Prisons Really Fixing Anything? with Shawn Wiesner

Former Super-Max Prison Corrections Officer turned Life Coach, Shawn Wiesner, shares his thoughts on crime and the corrections system as it relates to the Crisis Storm in our community.

Season 2: Episode 2 – Eps 7 overall – Downtown Kamloops In Crisis: Unraveling The Chaos

Howie Reimer, the Executive Director of the the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association helps us to take a look at the crisis in downtown Kamloops and its impacts on businesses.

Season 2: Episode 1 – Eps 6 overall – Unmasking The Hunger Crisis In Kamloops with Bernadette Siracky

Bernadette Siracky, the President & CEO of the Kamloops Food Bank helps us to take a look at the crisis of hunger in our community and some innovative things with the Food Bank.


Episode 1 – Homelessness & Mental Health With Alfred Achoba

Alfred Achoba, the Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Kamloops speaks with us about mental health, homelessness, addictions and the impacts on community.

Episode 2 – Criminal & Homeless Impacts On Business With Jeremy Heighton

Jeremy Heighton, the Executive Director of the Kamloops Northshore Business Improvement Association. takes a closer look at the impacts of homelessness and mental health on business and the economy.

Episode 3 – The Justice System, Corrections & Human Rights With Bill Sundhu

Bill Sundhu, a former BC Judge & Human Right Lawyer talks about the criminal justice system in Canada and the finer details of Human Rights. What’s good and where do things need to improve?

Episode 4 – Healthcare Crisis – Drugs, Overdose, Poison with Dr. Ian Mitchell

Dr. Ian Mitchell, emergency room physician at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops and the Site Scholar for the Kamloops Family Medicine Residency Program talks about drug related crisis in community.

Episode 5 – Community – When Communication Breaks Down With Dr. Michael Mehta

Dr. Michael Mehta, Professor of Environment, Culture, and Society at Thompson Rivers University discusses how societal communication is impacting the crises we face in community.