Are Prisons Really Fixing Anything?

In our efforts to eventually create a very meaningful documentary film series we have begun our research with a podcast series called the Crisis Storm. Many would say there is a crisis on our streets in Kamloops and in cities across North America. Homelessness, addictions, and social impacts affect business, community and individuals everyday. Crises Storm digs into the root causes of our street and social displacements through conversations with thought leaders, responders and solution finders. We encourage you to watch or listen to our podcast series that is now being produced via YouTube or popular audio podcast platforms. Find it at

The Crisis Storm Episode 8

Former Super-Max Prison Corrections Officer turned Life Coach, Shawn Wiesner, has some very wise words for us. Shawn is the Learning and Organizational Development Manager at Kamloops Home Hardware and he shares his thoughts with us in dealing with the crises of crime, mental health, communication, homelessness and hopelessness in our communities.

The Crisis Storm Podcast is an in-depth podcast series that will become the foundational research for a documentary film series called Finding A Way Forward. Join us as we pursue a better understanding of the many crises facing communities which collectively have become a Crisis Storm surrounding Homelessness, Mental Health, Addictions, Drug Overdose, Crime, Polarization, Healthcare, Business Impacts, and Communication Breakdown. The Finding A Way Forward Documentary Series and the Crisis Storm Podcast are created and produced by Mastermind Studios in Association with AIMCanada Mentorship Society.

The full Crisis Storm Podcast Series can be found on as a YouTube Playlist and on popular audio podcast platforms:

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